Frequently Asked Questions


Festival gate / Box office

If you have not purchased your tickets in advance and festival capacity is not filled, you can purchase them at the festival gate (opened: NON-STOP). If you want to ensure your place at the festival, and also save some money, we recommend you to purchase tickets in advance. You will find the box office stand in front of the main festival gate.

Information stall

Information stall will be located in the main area of the site. If you have any questions you can stop here and address our staff. This stall will be there for you and it will provide you with all the important information about the festival, maps of the festival area and festival line-up.


Komárno is a small town in the southern part of Slovakia, located on the border with Hungary. This town boasts something really unique - majestic historical fort. Coordinates are 47° 75‘ N, 18° 13‘ E. You will be able to find the festival on the address stated below:

Hradná, 945 01 Komárno, Slovakia

How to get there?

For smooth and carefree journey we advise you to use public transport - bus or train. You will save yourself parking issues, money and also your car. Listed below can be found more options on how to get to us:

Traveling by train

On the webpage can be found all the departures for trains running in the territory of Slovakia, and you can use them to get to Komárno comfortably. The Komárno railway station is located 2 km from the festival site, that is about 25 minutes by walking.

Traveling by bus

Likewise on the webpage can be found departures for all the buses that will easily get you to Komárno, where the festival will be held. The Komárno bus station is also located about 2 km from the festival area.

Traveling by car

If you have, in spite of our recommendation, decided to go by car we have several alternatives on how to get to us from different directions:

  • From Nitra
    • via route no.64 via Nové Zámky and Hurbanovo in direction to the south
  • From Bratislava
    • via route E575 and no.63 via Šamorín, Kútniky and Veľký Meder
    • or via paid segment of E60 to Hungary in direction to Gyor and route no.1 to Nagyszentjános (motorway electronic vignette can be purchased on for €11,27 for 10 days)
  • From Budapest
    • via paid segment of E60 in direction to Tatabánya and then to Komárom.
  • From Gyor
    • via route no.1 in direction to Nagyszentjános
    • Via paid segment of E60 in direction to Budapest and then to Komárom via route no.13.

ATM / Cash machine

ATM is located on the concrete area in the main festival area between the Open Air stage and the Boonker stage. There will be two terminals available for visitors during the festival.

Festival identification wristbands

Presale tickets will be checked at the main gate to the fort Komárno and they will be replaced by festival indentification wristbands. These wristbands will be put on your hand by our staff and they are not transferable to another persons. Also, in case of loss they will not be exchanged for new ones. The replacement of presale tickets by wristbands will be possible on friday 2:00 pm - 12:00 pm and on saturday 12:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Access for disabled visitors

All the publicly accessible areas of the festival are also accessible for users of wheelchairs with no major difficulties.

Plastic cups for beverages

Plastic cups will be used for serving beverages at festival bars and they will be subsequently separated so they can be recycled. We care about our environment and also about your comfort at the festival therefore we have a motivational game for you. You will get a beer at any of the bars for every twenty plastic cups collected from the ground.


The Komárno fort is unique because of its appearance, area and also for camping area located right in its inside. Inside of the fort will be designated grass area for camping, Camp A will be located there, and on the nearby enclosed area right behind the walls of the fort will be Camp B, in which will be located also sanitary installations as toilets, showers and, of course, water. This year, camping is included in the price of your festival ticket.

Entrance check

Upon entering the festival site you will be checked by proffessional personnel and you are obliged to show them your valid festival wristband. By entering the festival site you agree with festivals rules - link.

Check of festival wristbands

Valid festival tickets will be replaced by festival wristbands at the main gate. We inform you that festival tickets have their unique code which will be scanned at the festival wristband acceptance and by this means it becomes invalid for any further use. Further entrance to the festival is possible only with the original festival wristband that can´t be damaged, glued or adapted in any other way. If you are not owner of such wristband your entrance will be refused. If you notice that a member of our trained personnel has not put the wrisband on your arm securely, immediately notify our personnel - later complaints in case of loss of the festival wristband will not be taken into account. Those who will be caught on festival grounds not wearing a valid festival wristband will be escorted from the site.


Unfortunately, most of the bands and performers is careful when publishing their music and other intellectual property. Therefore, use of any proffessional audio or video devices is strictly forbidden. The only exception is for accredited photographers and cameramans.


If you have won tickets in one of our givaway contests, got ticket from our partners, or you are a festival performer, you will get your festival wristbands at the festival box office at the main gate. Please take care of having on you a valid ID containing photo (ID card, driving licence, ISIC, passport).

Food and drinks

Stalls with food and beverages will be located close to the stages and you will have a chance to take a bite of foods of various tastes and quench your thirst by well chilled beer. Vegan and vegetarian specialities will be included. If you prefer cocktails you will find a non-stop bar in nicely chilled tunnels of the Camp A. For those who prefer healthy and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages we advise a visit of our cozy teahouse.

Hearing protection

Sometimes it is necessary to protect your hearing at festivals because it might be damaged by effects of high levels of sound. Therefore, we advise visitors to protect their hearing by earplugs that can be purchased in many shops selling sound and DJ equipment.

Phone charging

Phone charging Since we are in historical fort which is not electrified, you will be able to charge your mobile phones in the Information stall.


Clothes and other products of artists, or festival products themselves will be available directly at the festival in shopping stalls. Stalls with products of various kinds will be placed in Marketplace area and we will be glad if you visit them during the festival.


We would like to point out that the whole area will be continuously cleaned during the festival. There will be enough of waste receptacles in the site and they will be fully at your use. Therefore, we ask you to use them. We respect the nature, as well as the location where the festival takes place, so we will be very happy if you contribute to cleanliness of the area. We ask you to protect our environment, and not to disturb the comfort of other visitors and to keep camping areas clean at all times.

Sound systems and speakers with higher performance

With consideration of increased noisiness in surroundings of the fort during the festival, we would like to remind you that sound systems (portable speakers, car sound systems, etc.) are officially forbidden in camps, tunnels, on the parking lot and in front of the fort during the duration of the festival. Musical coverage of the event is provided by great amount of artists, therefore, we ask you not to disturb the programme nor the comfort of your resting camp neighbours by loud music. We ask you to respect rules of the festival and we thank you for your understanding.

Medical service

As it is at larger events there is always a chance for something to occur. You can find all the important telephone numbers listed below. Please, be aware and do not be ashamed to help yourself or others in case of any emergency. First contact persons are always at their spot. You will find fixed medical tent in the main part of the festival area. Do not hesitate to visit it, even in cases of small accidents. Team of paramedics will be available during the whole festival for all the visitors. The exact location of the medical service station will be included in the festival area map.

Firemen 150 | Police 158 | Emergency line 112


There will be a designated concrete area right in front of the fort which will serve to park your vehicles. The organising service will be in charge of organising the parking and they will direct you to empty parking spots.


If you are accredited members of press or other media and you are registered, you will get all the necessary documents in the festival box office in front of the main entrance so you have access to specific areas for media.

Sanitary facilities

There will be sanitary facilities installed in the festival site - toilets, water tanks and showers located in the Camp B.


We have a complete datailed timetable for line-up for you so you can manage to see all your favourite performers. This timetable will be published on our web pages, social media, fb event and also physically in the site in form of large banners and posters located at strategical points of the festival grounds.


The festival will be held in any weather conditions. Please, take into account that local climate is unstable and it may change a lot. There is a chance of getting sun burnt, as well as getting ill in case of wind or rain whilst not wearing proper clothes. We advise you to stay informed about the weather forcast for the festival weekend for a few days ahead of the festival.