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Junkride Crew is a bike crew, which was established around 2010. Since then, Junkride crew made a lot of projects, such as building a bike / skate park in Šurany, organized numerous events such as POOL JAM, INDOOR JAM, took care of their own www.junkrideshop.com and more or less took care of the bike scene in Slovakia aswell. Last year Junkride took under wings DJ Selo and Shorty.BC from Šurany and besides bike events organized under Junkride, thery are now orginizing also DNB events namely: New Age and Atypic Friday. Right next „Atypic Firday“ event on 21st April will take place a Basement warm-up, so definitely see you there!

Junkride Crew also will be part of our BASEMENT Festival and guys will create a freestyle zone, where they will be with their booths and barriers, which will take place on JAM BMX. Bikers will perform adrenaline & acrobatic theater right at the spot. Among them, there will be also DJs session. Junkride crew is a compact gang and there will be DJ Selo and Shorty.BC to demonstrate it together with Junkride resident DJs LS3KE and METH.

JUNKRIDE CREW: www.junkride.sk

E-shop: www.junkrideshop.com

Instagram: @junkridecrew

Facebook: /junkridecrew


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