Trilo (SK)

Thursday, 09 March 2017 21:13

Trilo is a producer from Slovakia, now residing in Poland's Cracow, who has issued music on labels like Bad Taste, Eatbrain, Disturbed, as well as Renegade Hardware. Involved in music all his life, Trilo takes no prisoners , steadily evolving his sound which can be defined like heavy & aggressive neurofunk with focus on details & variations. 
"Metrolab", "Outburst", "Barracks", "Punk Funk" feat. Nuklear MC or "Closing Chapter" with Zombie Cats - that's just a fraction of what is hidden in his arsenal. 
Get ready for high octane vibes on the dancefloor, leaving no one stand firm.

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Subtension (SK)

Thursday, 09 March 2017 21:01

Meet Subtension, an unprecedented 24 year old talent from Slovakia. Subtension may be young, but he is not a total freshman, having already been a part of the musical duo soundNbeats. Now pursuing his own solo music career, the main focus of Subtension is producing unique and progressive tunes of superior quality. Studied film sound and music at a university in Prague shaped the idea for Subtension that music is not just a collection of ear flattering sounds, but a whole universe of infinite musical combinations which deserve not only studio skills, but also a healthy portion of musical intellect and an open mind. This rare approach to music has already rested in tunes being signed to few of the scene's major labels; Noisia's  Invisible recordings, Renegade Hardware and Samurai Music. His music supports a bunch of the biggest names on scene.

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