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Born in Hungary,1993, the Budapest based DJ/producer, Puppetz, has been an active part of the local Drum and Bass scene, as a core representer of the budapest jump up subgenre. The original formation consisted of two people, but the now standalone producer had started ammassing success upon success. The first real debut dates back to Christmas of 2012, when he managed to score himself the spot with Wrangling VIP, in DNB ARENA's sales chart. Not long after this, his work was noticed by MC Fatman D from UK, who's been a prominent figure of the scene since 1998. He signed an exclusive contract with the young producer, at the label BIOLOGICAL BEATS. Since then, Puppetz has performed numerous times, both in local club nights (BLADERUNNAZ), world famous festivals (SZIGET, BALATON SOUND), as well as taking his work worldwide, to play at events like INVADERZ, CRITICALZ , CITY FLOW..etc . His tracks have been played by a vast number of names, including ANNIX (Konichi,Decimal Bass),Hedex,Guv,Tyke as well as some of the jump up genres most recognizable "old timers": Hype,Nicky Blackmarket, Logan D, Sub Zero.


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