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His career as a DJ started in 2009 and he founded Drumbassterdz crew only one year later. At this time he´s focused on a three turnable spinning as he penetrates the Prague dnb underworld. Hours spent by training were proven worthy, when he started recieving invitations to play in local dnb clubs such as Cross club or Storm. In 2012 Drumbassterdz crew starts Drumbox events in Matrix club. During same year he earned 3rd place in category „talent of the year“ at Czech DNB Awards. In 2013 he was drafted to Let It Roll festival´s Line-up. Since then (he switched three turntabls for four CDJ players) he moves straight forward. Together with Drumbassterdz crew, they start another periodical dnb event – Double Trouble, this time at Cross club. In 2014 Drumbassterdz hit Czech DNB Awards right on the head by earning 2x1st place in categories: „Crew of the year“and„Dnb event of the year“(for Double trouble).

Drumbassterdz won both categories again in 2015 and Volume Plus earned 2nd place in category „Dj of the year“.Volume Plus is representing Drumbassterdz crew and from 2015 also Let It Roll.

His djing technique is indisputably unique, mainly focused on fast mixing (using 3-4 players), sets fulfilled with double drops and selection of one banger after another.


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