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Magnetude (RU/UK)

Having burst onto the scene late 2016, the brand new collaborative duo Magnetude have established themselves as a dangerous new force in the game, with their extremely impressive debut release titled "Hyperdrive" on Lifted Music. The forward-thinking production duo consisting of Rusty K & Jae Overtech set the bar high from the outset with their dynamic approach to drum and bass, incorporating a vast array of melodic intricacy, live orchestral and opera elements, that have many critics hailing them as "the breath of fresh air the scene needs in such a stagnant market".  
Though primarily focussed on Drum & Bass, the project explores diverse territory alongside Russian vocal sensation Julia Marks with Dubstep, Breaks, Half-Time, Bassline and Grime, as well as releases scheduled for Renegade Hardware, Lifted Music and accompanied by high-octane 4 turntable sets which afirms their position as one of the most exciting artists on the rise destined to make a big impact in 2017.


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