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Unitone (EE)

Unitone is a Dj moniker for Anton Borissov who is hailing from small but beautiful northern European country Estonia. His father is a seamen and passionate music collector who brought records from all around the world, which no doubt influence Anton a lot and way to become a dj was so natural to him.
During last decade without any doubt he became the main export that this country has to offer to global psychedelic trance scene. Being active as international Dj with regular gigs around Europe more often in such destinations like Finland, Russia, UK, Lithaunia and also appearances in Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary etc.
Also he is an active member and booking manager for several events around Europe and Russia such as Trimurti Festival ( Russia), Yaga Gathering ( Lithuania), Vibe Festival ( Czech Republic), Manatargaq ( Estonia) etc

Since year 2010 Unitone is taking a role of label manager for legendary Russian psychedelic trance label Vertigo Records ( www.vertigo-records.com ) and most recently he started to work with his good mate Dennis Tapper aka Hux Flux on his newly established Z- Plane Records (www.z-planerecords.com)
Anton was also active in the field of musical journalism and contributed a lot of articles to such respected media as Trancers Guide to Galaxy, GOA BOOK, Psytraveller, Syke Magazine and hosted his own media show on Russian web TV dedicated to psychedelic music and culture called Trance Formers. Check some editions here: www.vimeo.com/album/1611034

As an experienced performer behind the decks DJ Unitone is well known for his diverse emotional and well structured psychedelic trance sets that are always full of exclusive unreleased music and able to fit nearly anytime of the party.
His musical research resulted in various compilation albums for various labels:

2010 - VA - Sun Blitz ( SunStation/Blitz Studios)
2011- VA - Psytraveller ( SunStation feat Psytraveller Magazine)
2012 - VA Trimurti Moods ( Trimurti Records)
2012 - VA - Casual Freaks ( SunStation)
2013 - VA Compos Mentis (Vertigo Records)



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