WISHI is promising upcoming act on Russian psychedelic trance scene and nowdays its a solo project maintained by Alexander Shilets who is based in Moscow. Originally project was formed in 2013 together with his friend Ruslan Kireev aka WIDER. Their collaborative work resulted into first EP on Green Wizard records btu then guys decided to work on separate project due to bit differences in the music they like. Alexander is more into energetic night psytrance, that makes people move and bring some psychedelic experience same time, When Ruslan prefers more forest and harder darkpsy sound. So next few years were very productive for Alexander aka WISHI he released highly anticipated album on Bhooteshwara Records in 2015 and solo EP on Basic Algorithm Records as well as several appearances on compilations. Such a progress couldn’t remain unnoticed by promoters and Wishi name become must have at almost every serious psychedelic event around Moscow and Russia. At the moment he is working hard on a new album that is going to be released at infamous French label World People Production in 2016. So keep your ears open for new WISHI experience!.

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