Valeri Sholevski is known as Ogonek since year 2000, although he started producing electronic music
in 1996. He is one of the founders of “PBPM” label along with the producers Kei, Sub and KiNK who is
one of the most demand names at the Techno and House scene (Currently Running Back, Macro).
Let the Music Play!
During the year 2001 Ogonek met Ivan Shopov (Cooh) and working together they came out with five
incredible and emblematic Drum and Bass and IDM LP’s for its time - („FEM02 (2002)”, “Beauty
(2002)”,“Sick of Amen (2003)”, “Drum and Bass Massacre (2003)” and “After Comma (2003)”).
At that time Valeri became part of HMSU - the biggest music movement organization in Bulgaria
organized hundreds of Drum and Bass events with most of the well-known worldwide artists in that genre.

Ogonek at HMSU 18th Anniversary 2017
Over the years Ogonek has supported and shared a stage with names like Korn, Goldie, Black Sun
Empire, LTJ Bukem, Roni Syze, Goldie, Dub Fx, Spor, Noisia, Current Value, Calyx, Teebee, Adam F,
Andy C, Technical Itch, Grooverider, Adi J, Gancher & Ruin, Dylan, Panacea, Broken Note, Dj Hidden,
Limewax, Audio, Jade, Dom & Roland, Shy FX, Pendulum, Gridlok, Bad Company, Dub Elements, Chase
and Status, Prolix, Mefjus, Icicle, Insideinfo and many more.
Ogonek can be seen performing both in Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

In 2008 Ogonek established the Metafiziq Recordings – electronic music label, which finds its place at
the world Drum and Bass scene proudly presenting and unites international music production by artists
like Freqax , Dub Elements, Counterstrike, Cooh, Gancher & Ruin, Kaiza, Fragz, Max Shade, Joanna
Syze, Balkansky, Erre, YMB, Digital Soul and more...

Nowadays Valeri Sholevski is mainly working and performing with his own label Metafiziq Recordings
and the HMSU organization, also producing quality music for labels like Future Sickness (BE), Big Riddim
(IT), Melting Pot (ES), Mindocracy Recordings (USA), Druid (UK) and many more...

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